Sunday, 15 January 2012

Moody 1 (Jay's picks 2012-jan-15)

So many moody songs, so little time. How do you narrow it down? It is the age old question... so, rather than over thinking things, let's get to it.

I just discovered this album yesterday, Bon Iver by you guessed it, Bon Iver. Besides the distinct and haunting melodic character each song seems to possess, every track from the album seems to have a stunning video to go along with it. This week's selections by me are bookended by two BI tracks, Holocene (which is up for a couple of Grammys this year, if I'm not mistaken) and Calgary. I just can't believe I never listened to this album sooner...!

Next up, a Radiohead track. I haven't followed these guys too much lately. Kid A was really my last obsession with them but the latest crop of tracks shows restraint, poise, and incredible craft of song-smithing. Add to it exponential technological advancements in the last decade that allow a wide range of homemade bootlegged remixes, you have Reckoner, the Paul Keeley Remix. Pretty much beats just layered over the track, it fits the mood of the track and shows the same level of consideration that the original track exhibits.

The next selection is Wonderwall, a cover of the great Oasis classic, this one done by Ryan Adams. I haven't heard this track covered well often, but this version in my mind captures the essence of a highly successful remake. It forges its own identity btu retains enough of the original to still be the track. Haunting, beautiful, and memorable. I think I first heard this onThe OC a few years back...

I have to beat Jer to the punch on this one. Sorry Jer..! The video, like the track is so well written and assembled...

And without any further ado, the bookender:

See ya' next time...!

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